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LAWTELL THE ART CAT - blue mushroom coral painting

24″x20″ oil on canvas by Dona Simons

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Greetings! It’s me again, your favorite feline art expert, the one and very only Lawtell. The oil painting I want to show you today is of mushroom corals that live under the sea (or in aquariums). They are graceful fluttery creatures. I like how my human has brought out their flowery looks here, more than their mushroomy looks. But they have my sympathy. The only way they get to eat is to wave around gracefully in the waves, waiting for tiny bits of plankton and who knows what, to drift close enough for them to eat. No wonder they’re so thin! They look to me somewhere between plumbago flowers and cabbage leaves. If you roll over (or click if you're on your phone) the photo, you can see me looking quaint in my new cabbage leaf cap.

Selene is the title of this vision in blue, named after the Greek goddess of night. While I think mushroom corals, also known as disc anemones, come mostly from Australia, my human didn’t have to go under to capture them in oils. Just like the previous South Pacific, she painted it at the aquarium in New Orleans. Mushroom corals make much better models than fishes since they stay still, except for rippling in the current. Can you almost see them ripple?

If you like the idea of hanging this luminous painting in your living room (or anywhere), just email me and ask about it.

It takes a lot of work to get me up here on the interweb, and while you can’t touch me or feel me (trust me I'm soft and fuzzy), you can tweet me, post me, forward me, and share me. I hope you will, as cats deserve to be adored. (Glasses below courtesy of the pinball wizard).

Sincerely meow,
Lawtell the Art Cat

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