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LAWTELL THE ART CAT - Southern Pacific coral undersea painting

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Hullo. It’s me, art expert Lawtell here, and I want to tell you about one of my favorite paintings. It’s what I call a vicarious aquarium. All the beauty and calming effects of an aquarium in your own home with none of the work to maintain one! It includes lovely creatures from the exotic South Pacific. Those brilliantly colored soft corals that look like flowers are really animals. I’m most especially fond of the delectable little fishies interspersed amid the corals. Reminds me of dinner, always a pleasant thought.

If you roll over the image of the artwork, (or click if you're on your phone) you will have the great privilege of seeing my own adorable self! I love my canned food so much, I want to wear it. I think the can makes a nechi pechi, don’t you? For those of you who don’t know Papiamentu, that roughly translates to a “stylish hat” in the patois of Curaçao. My humans lived on that island for six years. There my human artist first took easel to aquarium, the magnificent Seaquarium, built out over the Caribbean Sea, so the water can be pumped through the tanks to make the most natural environment for the sea life. Too cool!

This oil on canvas of soft corals wasn’t painted there, but at the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans. She watched the little fishies swim for hours on end, while thousands of people came around. I’m so glad not to have to join that crowd, since I can enjoy the painting without leaving my lair. And you can too, if you write to me and ask about purchasing it. I have plenty of other works of art to entertain me, as you shall see! Send me to your friends and I will positively purr if you post a link to my introduction (donasimons.com/lawtellintro.html) on all your social media.

Sincerely meow,
Lawtell the Art Cat

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