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Views of the Caribbean

A subtle magic inherent to the Caribbean has attracted me to the region repeatedly since I was a child until at last I moved to the island of Curaçao where I lived for six years. In this series I share my perspective of islands I have seen.

Brilliant colors strike me as the most powerful aesthetic elements of the tropics, the jewels that are mine to scatter. I blend them with the unique intensity of the light, reflecting like a flash off the sand or filtering down through the crystalline seas and add the hypnotic effect of the water itself. I have conceived this sanctuary for people to claim as their own.

I work to transport people to a place that exists not only on a Caribbean island but also in a corner of their own psyches. It is intuitive work, to create a sense of immersion, a search for serenity. I want to create a whole world with each painting - a world that people can step into and look out from.

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